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Thermo-Gel is a certified Class A Gel Concentrate, which can be proportioned using existing vehicle dosing systems such as Dosatron systems, end of line systems such as our Pok nozzle, and proportioners such as the water driven FireDos, used mainly for high volume aviation loading.

Refer to the Thermo-Gel USA website for US and Canadian approvals and certification including US Forest Service and NFPA 1150 Standards.

Contact us for Australian certifications such as EPA or Dept of Health approvals for high volume use inside water catchments. NO other product in Australia has passed this rigorous scientific review.

Thermo-Gel is environmentally friendly and as such can be used by aviation and ground units in any situation without consequential health or environmental effect on firefighters and the agricultural sector.

Thermo-Gel is used by a large number of fire agencies and government authorities in Australia, the US and Canada, as well as infrastructure/commercial companies (including Telecommunications, Power & Plantation).

Asset protection options and allocation of limited resources are highly effective when thermo-Gel is deployed due to the 6+ hour effective operational life. No longer do crews need to ‘wait’ at an asset to protect it. No longer to ‘undefendable’ assets need to be lost or compromised.

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