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Thermo-Gel commercial-fire service equipment, & home kits are available now. Thermo-Gel is a non toxic fire retardant that is used extensively by fire services & commercial operations Australia wide, & internationally.

Incorporate the long life of non toxic Thermo-Gel into your fire plan to ensure all assets are protected, not just those at your principal location.

The 6+ hour life of the gel allows you to coat more remote buildings, power poles or fence lines, machinery such as pumps and supply lines, or lay containment lines in vegetation, without putting yourself at risk of being stranded or burnt over.

Thermo-Gel adheres to ANY material in any aspect – vertical, overhung etc. Coat glass, acrylic, Perspex, metal, fiberglass, plastics or vegetation. Glass can be protected effectively with Thermo-Gel, which removes one of the weakest elements in any buildings wildfire integrity.

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